Why Should You Go For Permanent Hair Straightening?

People who have curly or wavy hair and love straight hair usually go for the hair straightening in Sydney since it goes without saying that it is easy to manage the straight hair on daily basis. However, there are couple of methods which transform the curly hair in to the straight one. The intensity of the straightening of the hair depends on the type of method that you choose because some of these give you the dead straight hair look and some gives you the natural straight hair look which you can easily curl and wave.

Types of the permanent hair straightening:

These treatments are usually referred to as the extenso, keratin hair treatment and the rebounding and all of these techniques make use of the chemical procedures on the hair and the kind and number of chemicals vary and these procedures are usually easily performed in the beauty salons but with the right expertise and the chemical you could perform this at home as well. The chemical which is used is called the prem and it is used for the curling of the hair as well permanently which are not straight. Although the cost of the hair straightening varies and this could also dependent on your hair textures and the length of the hair as well. However, if you want to do it at home then you can buy the keratin kit and could perform it at home which may cost less the beauty salon. However, there are hair treatments which are semi-permanent which means that the straightening last for couple of months and these are usually the keratin and the Botox hair treatment and these are usually done in one sitting.

Working of the permanent hair straightening

The application of the various chemicals on your hair modify the natural configuration of your hair and results in the straightening of the hair. However, after when this chemical is applied this chemical is done locked in your hair by using thermal and heat procedures. The fixer which is applied at the last make sure that the hairs are kept straight and therefore, before applying any of these chemicals the hairs are straightened with the use of the flat iron. However, these chemicals even require some days to se and therefore, you cannot sweat, bend or wash your hair for some days after the treatment. Although there are natural products as well but these are again the processed and in actual these are less chemicals. But one reason that there are chemicals and unless and until these are not set you are under the air around the chemicals therefore, you must be careful.

Written by Erin Pickering