When Do You Need A Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is not a modern invention but it was developed to assist the patients of asthma and help them in breathing because this is a good medical device which breaks the medicines in to the mist so that the patient could inhale it easily and this immediately have effects on the respiratory system.  

When doctors prescribe a patient nebulizer? 

When the lungs of some person are not working properly or are ineffective then the person finds it difficult to breathe. This happens when the person is suffering from any kind of the respiratory disease such as the asthma or COPD, some kind of the cystic fibrosis or in some cases the bronchiectasis. Doctors usually prescribe these to the children as well when they suffer from chest infections.  For more information about nebulisers in Australia please see this page.

How can you use a nebulizer? 

Although it is simple to use, but before the doctors prescribe it to the patient, he will first guide the patient how he can use it so that the medication is properly inhaled and no medicines is wasted. There is not one kind of the nebulizer but different and usually the steps to use each one of them is different as well and are usually written on it. There are some steps which are basic and usually is followed with all kind of the nebulizers. First you must wash your hands, and then the medicine which is given by the doctor to insert in the nebulizer must be put inside the cup of the nebulizer. Then the other components of the nebulizer which is usually a mask and a tube is attached to it. Read the instructions which are written on the machine for attaching all the components right and then if the nebulizer is electric then connect it to some switch or if it uses a battery then turn the switch. When it is on, then you must hold the cup very close to your mouth so that the medicines could easily be delivered. You must not take fast breaths but you must breathe slowly and deeply and must keep on repeating it unless the medicines are finished and all inhaled.  

Where and how can you get the nebulizer? 

The nebulizer itself is just a machine in which you put a medicine therefore, the pharmacy will not give you nebulizer unless you have a prescription from the doctor. But in some cases, when you only want to buy a nebulizer then you could purchase it online without having the prescription but it will only get you a nebulizer and for them medication you will still need the prescription.  

Written by Erin Pickering