Water Harvesting Techniques

Rain water is great source of harvesting water. Unfortunately, climate changing factors also affect rainfall in different parts of world. Due to inadequate rainfall, water shortage has become more serious issue. To deal with this shortage, water harvesting is old and valuable technique. Harvesting of rain water is easy; storage of water is easy with dams. Water harvesting also decreases the chances of flood. It also helps in spoiling of crop due to access water in field.

Water harvesting has many techniques and some techniques are easy to apply at every place. They are:

Techniques for water harvesting:

For domestic use:

Water harvesting for domestic use is easy. Many people harvest rain water from rooftop and store it in a tank or other container. Many slum and rural areas have artificial wells for harvesting of rain water. They made small water puddles for storing rain water. Flood water also stores in artificial streams to avoid catastrophe.  Water harvesting process is used in agricultural and third world counties.


Dams are best source of water harvesting at national level. Dams mostly build on river, so access water can be store in dams. In rural areas stone and sandy walls are constructed to store access water in monsoon season.


Water harvesting also do with large diameter drainage. Sewer construction of 2.0 diameters also helps in harvesting of water. These projects are high profile in nature and needs professional and advance techniques for working.

Water harvesting is process of storing water for future use. In case of rain and flood many crops are damaged due to water flow. Water harvesting; stores water and in summer or other non-rainy seasons, this water uses for agricultural and domestic use.  In climate changing world, it is necessary that every area whether it is rural or urban, need water harvesting tools. Dams, artificial wells, streams and other tanks or containers are most important tools for water harvesting.

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Written by Erin Pickering