Steps For Hiring A Building Contractor

When hiring a building contractor whether it is for your home or office there are many things that you should take into consideration. With the rising number of contractor available out there sometime it may become over whelming to pick out the right builder. Therefore here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you hire the person for the job.

Look for potential candidates

The internet is a good place to usually start your search. But keep in mind that you should not just rely on the information you will see on their webpage. You need to check with past clients and see if the contractors are up to a good standard. If you are looking for a contractor to build retaining walls then you need to narrow your search down to builder in that area first and then spread your search if you are not satisfied with what you find. You can always check with those who have experience in hiring for builders and see who they will recommend.

Have a list of questions

After research details regarding the potential candidates you then need make a list of question s to ask those you will interview. These questions should be regarding the quotations, license and permits, working staff, experience, the construction time-line etc. Getting these details will definitely help you o determine who is more trust worthy and suitable for the job as hand.

Interview at least 3 contractors

The more you interview the more chances of you finding the perfect contractor. If you are looking for contractors for building retaining walls Fremantle do not just settle for the option that you find. At least have top 3 contenders and compare the services, project timeline, cost and other advantages and then make your final decision.

Warranties, insurance, payment proof

You need to sure that they have the proper insurance and warranties. In case of timeline adjustments you need to know about the extra expenses that you may need to cover as well. Also remember to always get signed statements regarding every payment you make to them. Always keep in mind that you should never give more than a 50% advance to the contractors.

Finally remember to always read the fine print. Many of these contractors will have clauses to their price quota. Therefore you need to sure that you read the fine print before you give the job to any builder. Also keep in mind to check if the worker are out scoured. If so then you need to get their details, qualifications and contacts as well.

Written by Erin Pickering