Professional Tree Services: Why You Need Them?




We all love trees, they are green, they produce oxygen so we can breathe, they are home to so many different species of animals, birds and insects. Just like they help the environment and support the life around them, it is important to make sure that they do not become a threat to their surroundings, and sometimes they need our help as well to save their life, just like the trees have been saving us Aussies from the harsh Aussie weather.  In this article we will be understanding the types of tree services that exist, when do we need a particular service and where can you find them if you are looking for tree services in St. Ives, or if you need to hire arborists for tree lopping in Collaroy. 

Tree Removal 

Tree removal is one of the most in demand tree services, especially in places like St. Ives. There can be multiple reasons of why you would want your tree to be removed. The reasons include, but may not be limited to decaying branches, the tree dangerously being in close proximity of a building, the tree being damaged due to storm or if the tree has been weakened from the core from things like termite infestations. 

Stump Grinding 

A tree that has been cut off from its base, or a tree that has been swept away buy a storm is very likely to leave a stump in ground, you can leave it be and the tree sprout again, but for most species, it will never become a healthy tree, so it is advisable that the stump is grinded to the ground, this makes your garden or yard look much cleaner and saves you from the unnecessary tree lopping of the unwanted branches. 

Land Clearing 

One of the most requested tree services based in st ives in suburban areas of Sydney. Land clearing maybe required if there is an unwanted growth of native vegetation and in some cases, deforestation. Land clearing can be required after the incidents of bush fire and you want your property to cleaned and the ground to be levelled. Land clearing is done by trained professionals with proper equipment to clear the land and the necessary safety equipment.  

Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is a type of tree service that requires a professionally trained arborist to cut down, chop off and mostly trim the branches of a tree to help improve its health. It is of critical importance that tree pruning services are called for in time before letting the tree die due to its degrading health. If not taken care of in time, you may require to get the tree removed, so it is always advisable to keep close check on the trees in and around your yard, so you can help protect the health of other trees as well. Tree pruning requires special tools and highly skilled workers to ensure that the tree that is being pruned remains healthy. 

Tree Lopping 

Tree lopping is the act of cutting and trimming overgrown branches of a tree. Tree lopping can be done to avoid property damage. An overgrown branch can easily be broken during a storm and can cause damages like breaking a car’s windshield, ruining a house’s roof tiling or can seriously injure someone. One the most frequent reasons why people call tree services and ask for tree lopping in places like Collaroy are the aesthetics. A well-shaped tree always catches the eye and is aesthetically pleasing to look at, moreover it adds beauty to your lawn or the yard.  

It is very easy to confuse tree lopping with tree pruning, but they both have their differences, although they necessarily involve trimming the branches. The reasons however are different, in case of pruning, the motive is to protect the tree’s health, where as lopping is primarily for the aesthetics and the looks. 

Word of Advice 

We highly recommend you to look for professional arborists to get the trees in your yard or your property serviced. Servicing trees can cause accidental damage to the nearby properties, so it is advisable to look for servicing companies that have damage insurance and a trusted clientele, and always make sure to read the customer reviews. 

Written by Erin Pickering