Production Value Of A Solid Timber Door

Solid timber doors can be found in many households and are the most common material used in these types of doors. Timber is a type of wood that is mostly used in households and has much demand for it as it’s lasting and has many benefits that lead to high demand and use of this wood. Solid timber doors in Sydney can be made and colored according to the style and usage of the door,e.g., washroom door, main entrance door or for use in the living room, doors are made according to the demand of the customer and mindset of the manufacturer.

How much does it cost:

According to the manufacturers, solid timber doors are old design doors that made their market reputation because of which they have high demand so their prices are relatively high then other types of wood. Engineered wood doors are also used by a high percentage of people but they are cheaper than the solid timber doors. A solid timber door can cost you from $500 to $5000 depends on your style and demand. So it’s the most expensive option to purchase a solid timber door for your house.

Advantages of solid timber doors:

Solid timber door is one of the known material doors that makes a good impression of your house because of its quality and can be used in both traditional and modern homes. The timer is a type of wood that is easy to paint and produces a great finish which makes it presentable and suits with any color scheme. The good thing about timber wood is that it can be easily cut down into whatever shape or design you want and will be fitted according to the demand of your door frame. Timber wood also acts as a safety barrier against fire. A solid timber door will hold the fire about 25 to 30 minutes which is a lifesaving advantage to the customer.

Disadvantages of solid timber doors:

As the wood absorbs moisture, this causes wood to rot. To avoid this problem you should keep maintaining the timber door at a time or you would need to face the consequences. To maintain, you would need to paint your door so it can get the energy back and you would need to paint it with water-resistant varnish to maintain it properly.

This procedure/maintenance is time-consuming and is much costly. If you want the good quality door, you would need to spend more as it’s a lifetime investment, the more you’ll spend on the quality the more wood will last.

Wood is a delegated material so you should always keep an eye on maintaining it regularly from termites and other insects. To do so, you should use a strong paint layer which should be redone after some time to save the door and by this, you can increase its life.

Written by Erin Pickering