Preparing Your Child To Stay Organized

One of the most common problems faced by parents is their toddlers misplacing their toys, lunch box and other belongings. With the help of some of the strategies discussed below, you can teach your kids how to keep things in place and avoid losing or misplacing them. It should be taught to be organized at an early stage so that they get habituated to it.

Set a repetitive routine

The first thing that parents should consider to help their kids keep a tab on their stuffs is to set consist routines. When you focus on repetition, it helps them remember and they will eventually get into the habit to pack their belongings around the same time every day. There is less scope of forgetting this way. It will become a routine and this theory comes in use, whether they are in school, day care or at home. In addition to belongings like their toys, stationery items and bags, it is also important to take care of their daily outfits. There are clothing labels made available which helps children track their stuffs like napkins, school bags or uniforms.

Create a checklist

The iron on clothing labels makes it easier to track the belongings of your kids especially in schools. A checklist is yet another great idea that can be placed on their backpacks or any other place that is clearly visible to them. This helps in reminding them to keep things in place and they learn to be more organized. You can have a designated area like a basket or a shelf and kids can look for things once when they are home. It also helps them to put their stuff back in its place.

Create a meaningful consequence

Children need to be guided constantly and hence if your kid forgets to get his stuffs back from school, it is only normal. The most common mistake parents do is run back to get their things. Instead, you should hold them responsible in a good way as it’s not possible to rescue them always. Hence, avoid rushing to the store to buy the lost or misplaced item and create a consequence that’s meaningful. This way, they will learn to be more responsible and avoid misplacing it next time. For instance, you can make your child use his or her piggy bank to replace the lost item. The next time they are more careful of not leaving their items here and there. These are some of the tips that parents can think of to make their children learn is a little more organized.

Written by Erin Pickering